Our Facilities

Al-ehsan Library

Jamia Arifia is blessed with a rich library which is a boon for our students and for scholars visiting from different parts of the country. It was founded in 2005. Now it consists of a rich and rare collection of more than 20,000 textual and non- textual source books on various topics in Urdu, Arabic, Persian, Hindi and English languages including one special collection named Durvesh Najaf Alimi Collection. The feature that distinguishes this library from others is that it has a very good collection of Tasawwuf, old books and manuscripts. It subscribes a good number of monthly, bi-monthly, daily, weekly, quarterly and annual magazines, journals, daily newspapers and newsletters. People are working on the idea of organizing this library on the principle of modern library science to make it digitalized and equipped with modern state of the art technologies. This library is developing very fast and it is hoped that it will soon become one of the richest and very modern libraries of India.